Board works harder, better

What a difference a couple of elections make!
In November of 2005, the MMSD Board of Education held two meetings (and the attendance task forces met six times).
This November, the Board has six meetings of the full board, including executive and open sessions, and ten committee meetings. The Equity Task Force will meet once.
Congratulations to a harder working, more effective board.
Let’s elect people in the spring who will conintue this new board’s committment to overseeing management of the MMSD.

2 thoughts on “Board works harder, better”

  1. The Equity Task Force will have met twice in November (6th and 27th) as well as on October 30th, doing multiple public input sessions and holding multiple working sub group meetings. We haven’t been slacking either.

  2. Sorry that I missed the Equity Task Force meeting on November 6. No slight intended to the hard-working task force.

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