11/7/2006 Referendum Update

I’ve added a number of links to the election page including:

  • Marisue Horton’s letter to the editor: “Yes Moves Schools Ahead”.
  • One Question Wraps Up $23.5M Referendum – Channel3000
  • Where’s the Beef? – WKOW-TV
  • CAST Pro Referendum Internet Advertising, appearing Thursday the first day of no school during the fall WEAC convention. (TJ Mertz notes in a comment that the ads started running Wednesday.)

3 thoughts on “11/7/2006 Referendum Update”

  1. I’m breaking my silence simply to say the CAST internet ads started on Wednesday not Thursday and there is absolutely no connection to the WEAC convention.
    Vote Yes for Schools!

  2. I’m happy to see any individual and/or group use the net, which of course is where the action is in 2006 and beyond.
    FWIW, I know that the ad was not directed at the WEAC article, but it was somewhat ironic, I think, that it appeared in the one article I clicked on during a day off for a political event.
    All of this simply reinforces the fact that, as
    Superintendent Art Rainwater recently said “Public Education is inherently political, often based on the critical issue of the day”.

  3. Jim
    Yes, the net is where much of the action is. It was a “random every X number of hits” buy. My spouse was the first person I know who hit it. That was early Wednesday morning while checking the weather. Wednesday turned out to have very nice weather. Maybe no connection, but I’ll take it as a good omen.
    Vote Yes for Schools!

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