East & West locked down on Monday

From madison.com:

Madison school officials locked down East High School this morning after “serious” threats were made by one student to another.
The school’s safety procedures call for the doors, which were secured at 11 a.m., to remain locked until the end of the school day at 3:30 p.m. Students were not to be released until that time.
The threat was made to one student who was at the school by another who was off school grounds.
“The danger is outside the school, not inside,” said school district spokesman Ken Syke. “That’s why we went into lockdown.”
Officials said the threats stemmed from fights between East High students over the weekend, with the disputes remaining unresolved today.
Syke said rumors circulating among students that someone was spotted with a gun are simply “not true.”
But he added, “It was a legitimate enough notice that we have taken it seriously.”
Also at West High School this morning, pellet gun shots were reportedly fired from a vehicle passing the school. The shots were reported by a witness who heard the shots and saw the vehicle.
Police had the alleged perpetrator in custody by 1 p.m. District security coordinator Luis Yudice, West High administrators, central office staff and Madison police worked together to initiate the district’s safety and security procedures to respond to the situation at West, which included limiting access to the school until early this afternoon.