The Education of Bill & Melinda: Small High Schools and Rigor, Among Others

Jay Greene:

In fact, if you look at things like math and science and the relative ranking of the U.S., you’d say, “Wow, that’s of great concern.” It’s a system that a lot of resources are put into. Education’s a big part of the economy. And yet the outcomes you get are so drastically different, depending on how well it’s done.
And so we mostly focus on high schools. That’s where the U.S. goes from being pretty decent to being pretty bad relative to other developed countries. And it is an area where there hasn’t been much in terms of taking successes and getting them well understood and getting them to be used broadly.
On recent studies, funded by the Gates foundation, that found that math results at schools receiving money from the foundation are lower than at traditional high schools
Melinda One of the things we have to look at is what is it about the teachers today and the curriculum today that’s making math not successful in these schools? We just recently had those results. The best thing the foundation can do is really look at that and talk with our partners and say: “Do we need to change something about how we’re helping teachers teach math? Do we need to help change the curriculum in the schools?”