Community groups can apply for MMSD funding

The school board agenda for tonight’s meeting (May 15) shows that the board will discuss funding for the following groups:

– The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network
– The Center for Academically Talented Youth
– The Kajsiab House Project
– The Youth Empowerment Academy.

Johnny Winston, Jr. previously chose these groups and convinced the board to fund them without inviting all community groups to apply through a request for proposals, which could be used to solicit programs to further specific MMSD goals. (Funds for the Youth Empowerment Academcy were previosly provided through a grant to The Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, Inc.)
Board member Ruth Robarts raised concerns about this funding approach the first time around, and her concerns remain valid.
Since Johnny Winston, Jr. and the board continue to fund community groups, it would be wise for any and all community groups to apply for funding from the MMSD. I suppose that proposals could be sent to Johnny Winston, Jr. or Supintendent Rainwater.