Cieslewicz State of the City speech

Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz spoke at yesterday’s Rotary club meeting. His 3416 word state of the city speech included 159 directly related to our local public schools:

8. We need to work more seamlessly to maintain our excellent public school system.

Our public schools have recently been ranked the third best in the nation. Yet, they face unprecedented challenges as they work to educate more children that come from impoverished families and more children with special needs. I am very aware that we elect a school board to make these decisions and it is not my intent to overstep my authority, but I do recognize that good schools are vital ingredients in healthy neighborhoods. We will renew our efforts to work with the school district, with parents and teachers to make sure that city government and the schools are pulling together, not working at cross purposes. For instance, the decisions the City regarding new housing development has a significant impact on school attendance and boundary issues. Our recently-adopted Comprehensive Plan notes the importance of city and school planning staff working together.

Kristian Knutsen attended the speech.

One thought on “Cieslewicz State of the City speech”

  1. I hadn’t seen the news release before about Madison schools being ranked third in the nation. Then I looked at the actual report and saw that they were ranking MSAs – Metropolitan Statistical Areas. The Madison, WI MSA includes all of Dane County. So actually, it is the composite of all Dane County schools that bring the ranking of 3rd best. This study tells nothing of how MMSD schools themselves would rank, separate from their surrounding districts.

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