Richard Davis Birthday Bash Audio / Video

Richard Davis’s Friday night Birthday Bash (Richard mentioned that his birthday is actually tax day, April 15) seemed an appropriate way to wrap up a beautiful Madison week, with temperatures reaching into the 70’s. The bash was held Friday night at Mills Hall and included participants from the Bass Conference Faculty.

Audio / Video:

Conference pictures are available here.

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2 thoughts on “Richard Davis Birthday Bash Audio / Video”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I couldn’t go and I was delighted to take a few minutes watching a local master work closely with his good friends. If you listen closely to Willie Pickens, you’ll hear how he weaves around Richard’s playing and Robert Shy puts the air in the room and lightly punctuates it – sometimes with swing, sometimes with an open feel that lets the others just wail. Richard digs his bow with such a steady force to get his bass to ring like large, Tibetan bell. Happy Birthday, Richard.
    And, the pictures of the Bass Conference were great, too.
    Maybe we could rise to that level of collaboration for public education someday. We’re all needed. It really could be beautiful.

  2. Happy Birthday Richard! and thanks to the marvelous Bass Faculty for sharing their energy and immense talent.
    I want to also acknowledge Prof.Davis because he encouraged Fred Schrank to come to Madison. Mr.Schrank is the Principal bassist in the Madison Symphony Orchestra and a gifted teacher in his own right.
    My daughters have benefitted from Fred’s teaching of Strings and Orchestra at Thoreau and Cherokee. Fred is like Richard as both are generous souls who deserve respect and thanks for teaching and encouraging our kids.
    I am sure that the elementary strings program will once again be targeted for elimination/cutbacks. That is really too bad as keeping arts in the schools teaches many invaluable lessons about creativity and group collaboration as Jerry poetically describes above.

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