School Board Election is Pivotal

Sandy Cullen:

Who wins the two seats up for grabs on the Madison School Board could have a major impact on how the seven-member board deals with challenges ranging from budgets to curriculum.
The outcome of Tuesday’s pivotal election could shift the board majority from members some perceive as being too accepting of a course set by the administration to those clamoring for new ways of doing business.
If candidates Maya Cole and Lucy Mathiak win, they will join the two board members who support them – Lawrie Kobza and Ruth Robarts – in calling for new ways of approaching the district’s budget and other growing challenges. But incumbent Juan Jose Lopez – who faces Mathiak in his bid for a fifth three-year term – and Arlene Silveira – who is running against Cole – said they are anything but status quo.

3 thoughts on “School Board Election is Pivotal”

  1. Remember, even if the Board shifts to 4-3 blocks, it would just mean more deadlock. Sure they’d be able to hassle Rainwater more, but financial decisions require a 5-2 vote. By solidifying blocks and angering each other so much they get to a set in 4-3, when it comes time to fund the stuff they’ve voted for, no money.

  2. that’s right, jim. 4 votes to approve the budget, 5 votes needed to change budget items once they are approved by a simple majority vote.
    if the board leadership shifts, i believe we will see more substantive budget discussions throughout the year. i think these discussions, along with multi-year budget planning, are needed and necessary, especially if we want to pass referendums. Not talking about what is in the budget until late april is too late and leaves the public out of the discussions in any meaningful way.

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