What would Juan and Arlene do?

Maya and Lucy have been clear about wanting a different budget process and document that might reflect the district’s commitments, policies, and activities. The current budget document and process don’t. The process uses a black box into which the administration inserts last year’s expenditures and presto! this year’s cuts come out.
I can’t find Juan or Arlene saying much about changing the budget process or document. Could those of you who support them (or even those who don’t) cite their discussions or suggestions on the budget process and document? Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

One thought on “What would Juan and Arlene do?”

  1. From the State Journal (April 1, 2006), here’s how reporter Sandy Cullen describes Maya’s positon on the budget:
    “Cole wants to see a five-year budget outlining where the district will make an estimated $40 million in cuts, saying it is the only way to get a realistic view of priorities, as well the community support needed to pass a referendum to increase revenues.”

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