Bigelow: County Democrats Support Silveira

Wayne Bigelow:

Dear Editor: On March 8, almost 100 members of the Dane County Democratic Party endorsed Arlene Silveira for Madison School Board.
Although it had been more than a decade since the Democratic Party made an endorsement in a School Board race, we felt that Silveira was an extraordinarily well-qualified candidate who will be a great addition to the board. She combines a long history of a advocacy for all students, leadership positions in her school involvement and a commitment to challenging curriculum for Madison’s youth.

We believe that her experience in corporate budgeting and management provide her with skills that will be valuable to the School Board as it seeks to deal with budget constraints in the next few years. Finally, we believed that Silveira’s emphasis on consensus building and collaboration will serve the School Board well as it tackles the many challenges facing our educational system.
We strongly urge a vote for Silveira for School Board on April 4.
Wayne Bigelow
Democratic Party of Dane County

One thought on “Bigelow: County Democrats Support Silveira”

  1. I sense desperation.
    The Democratic Party’s good ol’ boys and good ol’ girls have solidly controlled the school board for the last few decades. Arlene and Juan Jose Lopez don’t rock the boat and sail smoothly in their crowd.
    They feel their control slipping away, not to Republicans or conservatives, but to independent activists who aren’t out of the same cloth of the Democrats who quickly fell into line with Arlene even before Maya announced her candidacy.

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