“Students Need to Prepare Earlier”

Beverly Creamer:

Leaders of Hawai’i’s P-20 Initiative say students and families need to start thinking about getting through high school and beyond as early as the middle- school years to avoid pitfalls in the education system.
Also troubling is the amount of remediation needed by students enrolled in Hawai’i’s community colleges. According to the P-20 Initiative’s new strategic plan, 89 percent of students in Hawai’i’s two-year colleges require remediation in math, and 68 percent require remediation in English.
That’s especially troubling to national Education Trust advocate Kati Haycock.
“Having to take one brush-up course is not a big deal,” Haycock said. “But students who have to take two or three end up never completing anything in college, so it’s something you want to fix.”

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