Carol Carstensen’s Message to PTO Presidents

Madison Board of Education President Carol Carstensen:

Subject: Nov. 21 Update
Parent Group Presidents:
The school district has been under revenue caps since 1993 when all school district budgets were frozen and then permitted to increase only by an amount per pupil each year (this year it is $250). That amount approximates a budget increase of 2.5% (the city and county are both struggling with cuts to keep their budgets close to a 4% increase).
Board meetings on Monday, November 21:
The Board looked at a comparison of the school district policy on arresting a child at school and the Police Department’s guidelines there are some significant differences, mostly in the area of informing the parent/guardian before the child is questioned and in making sure the child fully understands his/her rights at the time of questioning. The Board took no action but did ask the administration to continue working with the Police Department to try to bring their procedures more in line with school district policy.

Human Resources (chair Juan Lopez) had a report on the district’s workmen’s compensation costs and experience over the last several years. It was noteworthy that our current record is slightly better than the average for similar districts and this has resulted in lower costs overall. The committee then began the discussion of the second part of the superintendent’s evaluation. This is an evaluation of the superintendent’s skills and performance in several areas: planning, organizing, leading, supervising and job knowledge.
Next week’s schedule meetings will be back at Doyle but in McDaniels Auditorium. We will be piloting the televising of Board committee and special meetings.
5:00 Special Board Meeting
Discussion with Madison Partners in Special Education a parent’s group
Review of the budgets, staffing and services, of Business Services and Human Resources.
Have a happy, safe, relaxing Thanksgiving break.
Carol Carstensen, President
Madison School Board