Middle School Survey

Send this web site to all the middle school, future middle school parents, and concerned community members you can e-mail.
Pam Nash and the middle school committee are seeking input from parents and this is our chance to give them feedback. While I find the survey would be on the “How to Not Make a Survey” curriculum in my graduate school class on Effective Survey’s, I say congrates to the BOE and administration for allowing the community to give some feedback and input on this development. While it seems a little forced, quick and for some reason I am unclear why this issue is being discussed for middle schools that are functioning at a high level,(in other words let’s fix the problem’s where they exist, even if it means more resources, and not mess with what is working) I want all parents and those in the community interested to voice their thoughts and opinions. Please print off this survey and let the district know we want great middle schools, that reflect their community, not carbon copies of mediocre education.

4 thoughts on “Middle School Survey”

  1. I just tried to use the link and didn’t get the form. Could you/Jim try it and fix if necessary? Will send it out to East High United parents and neighborhood community centers as soon as I the link works.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Unfortunately, the “online survery” is a little archaic. You have to print it off and mail it in to the address at the end of the survey. Jim contacted Pam to see if it could be updated to do online but unsure what will or has come of his kind offer.

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