Mystery #3: Case of the Unknown Authorization

So far, undaunted detectives, Mysteries #1 and #2 remain largely unsolved, and I’ll shortly update the faithful followers on those.
In the meantime, train your magnifying glasses on Mystery #3, The Case of the Unknown Authorization.
The Unknown Authorization took place in the MMSD budget approved by the Board of Education. It created two new classrooms at Marquette Elementary for a cost of at least $350,000.
Find the authorization and the funds in the MMSD budget documents . . . if you can.
Hint: You’ll need your secret decoder ring!
Good sleuthing!

2 thoughts on “Mystery #3: Case of the Unknown Authorization”

  1. Is it really true that new classrooms are being built at Marquette, despite extra space in most eastside schools and declining enrollment at both Marquette & O’Keeffe?
    Year Marq O’K Total
    1998 244 479 723
    1999 236 463 699
    2000 223 462 685
    2001 217 465 682
    2002 227 451 678
    2003 208 423 631
    2004 217 404 621
    2005 217 386 603

  2. Excellent intuitive investigation, Neil, but no. The MMSD did not build new classrooms at Marquette that I know of. I presume that the two classes in question occupy existing excess space.
    Keep digging! And remember! You’ll need the secret decoder ring to translate the language in the MMSD budget documents into the UNKNOWN AUTHORIZATION and $350,000 expenditure.

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