Keys Retires

School Board member Keys will retire next year
Bill Keys, whose time on the Madison School Board has been marked by controversies ranging from whether students should recite the Pledge of Allegiance to whether taxpayers should shell out more money to maintain what Keys believes is one of the top five school districts in the nation, will step down next year after two terms.
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One thought on “Keys Retires”

  1. This comment was intended for the post “Parents at Hamilton Heard that Students Do Not Know Basic Math Calculations” but it didn’t have comments enabled so here it is:
    I don’t know if kids not knowing how to do basic calculations is as important as some people say. I’m not that great at that stuff having used a calculator for most of it most of my life and I did fine in advanced calculus classes (Math 221, 222, 223 (now 234) in college. In fact, the problem solving, logic, and reasoning skills were what I was most lacking not the basic calculation stuff. Ideally people will learn both but I found that learning how to problem solve was more helpful to my understanding and being able to do advanced math like calculus than the actual calculations involved. In fact, on most calculus exams at UW-Madison you will only lose a small amount of points on a question if you have calculated values wrong as long as you were using the right procedures to get there. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. YMMV.

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