No Names Yet of Task Force Members

For more than a week, I’ve been trying to get the names of the people appointed to the East and West/Memorial task forces on attendance and facilities.
I have the following partial list of the names of people who were nominated by board members and the board member who nominated each.

Ruth Robarts nominated:
– Prasanna Raman
– Rafael Gomez
Bill Keys nominated:
– Tim Otis
– Laura Gutknecht
Juan Jose Lopez nominated:
– Fabiola Hamdan
– Brenda Gonzalez
– Teresa Tellez-Giron
– Cheryl Knox
– Carola Gaines
– Mark Fraire
– Ramon Natera
– David Hart
– Dora Zuniga
– Debie Evans
– Sandra Magana
Lawrie Kobza nominated:
– James Howard
– Ed Blume
– Don Severson
Johnny Winston, Jr. nominated:
– Faustina Bohling
– Angela Nash
– Par Jason Engle
– Andrea Teresa Arenas
– Earnestine Moss
– Deborah Speckman
– Eugene Fujimoto
Carol Carstensen nominated:
– Pat Mooney
– Lucia Nunez
– Carolyn Mungan
– Connie Smalley
– Keetra Burnett
– Judy Reed
– Eileen Sutula
– Jane Richardson
– Mike Moskoff
– Anne Arnesen

I have no information on whether Shwaw Vang nominated anyone.
Two nominees don’t want their names released and three nominees have not contacted the MMSD about the release of their names, as of September 13.
When I asked for the names of people who have been selected from among these names, Board President Carol Carstensen responded:

The list of the Board appointees to the task forces is not yet complete but I hope that we will be able to release the names of all the task force members in the next day or so.

The West/Memorial task force meets on at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20 at Toki Middle. The East Task Force meets at 6:30 p.m. at Sherman on Thursday, September 22.
Each school in the East, West, and Memorial attendance areas can appoint a member, but the board has not yet received a nominee from each of the schools.

2 thoughts on “No Names Yet of Task Force Members”

  1. Blackhawk Middle will be represented by Jill Jokela, Mendota Elementary by Michelle Brokaw, and Gompers Elementary by Amy Reidemann.

  2. Mary Kay Battaglia reports that she was “asked to participate on the west side long range planning committee by Crestwood Principal,” so we have one more name of a task force member.
    I still have not gotten a list from Carol Carstensen.

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