School has once again successfully lifted off, thanks to a great deal of hard work on the part of many people including teachers, staff and administrators. I thought it would be useful to pass along a few observations:

  • A Madison teacher spent quite a bit of personal time after school last year helping children who were behind in math catch up.
  • My aunt is a Minnesota teacher. During a recent visit to a prospective student’s home:”I got hit on my head with a folder, my camera got taken away, and my shirt got pulled up. The mom just calmly kept talking about school.

Please add your anecdotes in the comments below!

One thought on “Liftoff”

  1. Over the past week, I’ve had conversations with a number of parents, teachers, and staff at East. There is a world of difference in what I’m hearing over previous years.
    Something as simple as enforcing the “no smoking on school grounds” policy has had a positive impact all around. Not so much because people oppose smoking, but because the absence of clumps of teens smoking in front of school before, during, and after school hours, is symbolic of a new day and new standards at East.

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