WI State Budget Republican K-12 Proposed Funding – Bad for Children and WI’s Economic Future

Please write/call legislatures ASAP – the legislature plans to take up the proposed budget this coming week, and the proposed budget for education is a disaster for our children’s future and our state’s economic health.
Schultz (WI State Senator, Republican Leader in the Senate):
Gard (WI State Representative, Wi State Assembly Speaker):
The Republican legislature is planning to move forward with a proposed state budget that is attempting to back off once again 2/3 state funding of schools with some fancy language. Just like that – saying we are already giving the largest increase in history to education.
Thanks for making the effort to contact GOP leaders and to ask the Gov. to hold firm (which ALL his public statements have indicated that he will, but it’s unclear what his veto opportunties will be until the statutory languagefor the budget document is available). This information was provided by:
Joe Quick
Legislative Liaison/Communication Specialist
Madison Schools

Republicans in the legislature are trying to get over by saying, “We’re providing a record increase in school aids.” You have too much money already. Not quite the truth for K-12 public education. The governor’s recommendation, also a record increase, allowed for an INFLATION INCREASE to the revenue limits * AS PROVIDED UNDER CURRENT LAW * In Madison, where only 25% of our budget comes from the state funding, and the rest from the local property tax levy, funding 2/3 helps Madison property taxpayers.
This “shifting the discussion” is a key element in the Republican’s strategy without talking about what is important – what does it cost to education our children per the State of WI constitution and how will we fulfill our obligation? Both parties need to get serious about discussions about strategies for funding public education in WI. In the meantime, the legislature needs to adequately fund public education through the budget, or through a sales tax whose proceeds only go for education. Education is a major economic engine; our’s is sputtering, but not quite shut down. We need to act in the short-term by contacting our legislators and we need to act in the long-term by working seriously toward making education strong inthe 21st century. Please, please contact your legislator now!
Legislatures think you can build a budget by talking about any increase in funding having meaning. Rubbish. Budgets are about priorities and the allocation of budget resources are about our state’s priorities. To me, our highest priority needs to be keeping WI’s economy strong – the budget discussions this legislature are having are not moving us in that direction. Pettiness, jaded debates dominate our lawmakers’ discussions. That couldn’t be more apparent than in the discussions on funding education. No discussions about how education is an investment in the future well being of our state for citizens of every age, no discussions about how excellent K-12 and higher education attract talented people to our state and are major drivers of our economy.