Steve Stephenson: Broken school budget led to Kobza win

Dear Editor: As a parent of children at both Madison East High School and Sherman Middle School, I am thankful for the hard work and significant positive contributions that Lawrie Kobza and her husband, Peter, have made to both of these schools.
Perhaps those apprehensive at the election of Lawrie Kobza to the Madison School Board are concerned that it won’t be business as usual. Quite frankly, this is exactly why Lawrie now sits on the board. The easiest thing for a school board to do when facing a budget problem is to float a referendum to ask the voters for more money. This is similar to giving a drug addict a fix. It is only temporary and the real issues will still be waiting for you when the fix wears off.

The old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In this case, it is appropriate to say “if it is broke, fix it.” As a taxpayer, I am willing to invest in the quality of our schools if I am confident that those on the board, in partnership with our teachers, are working hard to come up with solutions. I don’t believe that this has been the case as of late, which is why I was pleased to cast my vote for Lawrie Kobza.
I applaud The Capital Times for supporting Lawrie Kobza. It’s not about conservative or liberal, it’s about doing the right things for our children.
Steve Stephenson

This letter to the Editor appeared in the April 16, 2005 Capital Times.