String Instrument Study is Academic – Can Comfortably Begin at a Young Age

Bravo for taking this [string survey] on…it is really important for the elementary string classes to be recognized as an ACADEMIC elective, NOT as extra- or co-curricular study.

Find and use the research. Compile many testimonials from families with children in string instrument study. Look at best practice in the area and around Wisconsin. The study of a stringed instrument, which can comfortably start at as young an age as possible, allows a student to take ownership of their own learning in a completely direct way. Rarely is there such an opportunity for students to experience simultaneous physical, intellectual and emotional development at 100% capacity ANYWHERE else in the academic environment. Bring the Madison music study offerings up to par [with surrounding area school districts]! Stop the cuts and squeezing that has been happening over the last 5 years.
String Survey Comment – Non-Madison Orchestra Teacher –