Lawrie Kobza Leads the School Board – Superintendent Art Rainwater’s goals

Good for Lawrie! She’s leading the School Board and showing Bill Clingan how a board member needs to lead.
At the Northside Planning Council candidates’ forum, Lawrie Kobza emphasized that she would have public discussions to set annual measurable goals and objectives for the Superintendent. The last time his goals were set with the School Board was in 2002!!!!!!
Guess what? All of a sudden the Human Resources Committee is meeting to discuss administrator goals – first the meeting was set for March 28th, now it’s set for March 14th. But, it’s a power point about the process for setting administrators’ goals – not their goals. AND, no Superintendent’s goals – AGAIN. What does it matter anyway – goals should start the school year, not end the year!!!!!
The Human Resources Committee, which Bill Clingan chairs, has not led the work of this committee, until Lawrie Kobza pointed out the work was not getting done. Mr. Clingan said he was ill with pneumonia last fall. Okay, but he’s been chair since last spring, and he has a MMSD staff person assigned to this committee to work with him to set the calendar.
Got to have time to toot your horn during the last few weeks of the campaign, Mr. Clingan! Too little for the district, too late for the public. We see this action for what it is – election year politics!!!!!! Play ball.
For disclosure: I’m Lawrie Kobza’s Treasurer