Don Severson, President, 608/238-8300, Madison


Following is a proposal for cost analysis of programs, services, positions and operations in the Madison Metropolitan School District.


  1. The District Board of Education (BOE) should move to establish a policy to conduct continuing cost analyses of all programs, services, positions and operations within the district.

·       It is a standard way of doing business

·       It provides clear and adequate information for the board and the public about which to make informed decisions for the allocation of funds

·       It provides the homework for ‘due diligence’ on real costs of educating our children


  1. Points of interest and background

·       Cost analysis approaches have been used in Arkansas, Ohio, Wyoming, Alabama, Alaska, California, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon

·       In 2004, such cost analysis approaches are underway in New York, Vermont, Arizona, Minnesota, Texas and Hawaii

·       The Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools presented “The Wisconsin Adequacy Plan” regarding education finance reform to the Governor’s Task Force on Educational Excellence in January.  Explore their website at

·       A comprehensive data base of information about costing approaches may be found at under research, etc.


  1. Additional information and assistance

·       The National Association of Boards of Education (NASBE) has information available on the subject

·       The Review of Educational Research shows a variety of resources available regarding the state of Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness analyses in education

·       An array of research and models are available from various universities, including UW

·       Active Citizens for Education offers its assistance to the district for the review and access to resources and development of a model appropriate for the Madison district

Thank you.