2006/07 (Revised 6/22/06)
Black Hawk
  1. Reading and Writing (Unified Arts)
6th:    ▪Career Education – Integrated into Instructional     Technology (3 weeks minimum)
    ▪Wellness – Replaces FACE (quarter)
7th:    ▪Career Education – Integrated into Instructional     Technology (3 weeks minimum)
▪Wellness – Replaces FACE (quarter)
8th:    ▪Career Education – Piloted during 05/06 year.  Stand-    alone class for 4.5 weeks.
▪Wellness – Replaces FACE (4.5 weeks)
▪Geometry – Daily, yearlong
  1. Drama (6th) – teacher reassigned to one reading class
  1. Computer Technology:  Increased the number of classes provided.  (in Gr. 6 increased by .4 during 2nd semester) – this assures all 6th & 7th grade students participate in the computer literacy class.
  2. Wellness/FCE – increased by .4 in Gr. 6 and .2 in Grade 7.  Ensures that every 6th & 7th grade student receives instruction.  Hamilton elected to increase the wellness/FCE offerings in Gr. 7 rather than incorporate wellness in other curricular areas.
  3. Due to growth, increased 1.0 6th grade staff
  4. Increased .2 teacher allocation for 8th grade English class offerings in an effort to keep classes smaller
6th:    4 technology.
7th:    Added a full hour of For Lang. (up from 30 min.)
  1. dropped computer class at grade 7th & 8th grade.
  1. Health/Wellness was provided at grades 6 & 7 in the past and will now provide in all 3 grades.
  2. Spanish was changed from every other day experience to a daily experience for grades 7th & 8th
  3. Drama was added as a course for 6th grade
  4. Integrating careers into computer tech classes at all 3 grade levels
  5. Continue to offer band, strings, & chorus as an elective for all 3 grades.  At the grade 6 level MIE will be a year long experience.
  1. Flex was eliminated as a consistent experience for Grade 6; now only some Grade 6 students will receive it.
  2. Had 2 Art Teachers who provided different art medium experiences; 1 was eliminated
  3. 2 semester long study halls were eliminated from last year
  1. World Language will be taught every day vs. every other day for 7th & 8th grades.
  2. Music (band/chorus/orchestra) will meet every other day for Grades 6-8 versus rotating 2-3 day schedule used in the past.
6th:    World Language
  1. Dropped Applied Technology for 6th & 7th Grade
8th:    Business Basics (i.e., budgeting, economics, business plan)
Spring Harbor
6th:    Wellness taught by LC & support staff
7th:    Foreign Language will be taught every day vs. every other day
8th:    Foreign Language will be taught every day vs. every other day
6th:    Cut drama completely
7th:    Cut one section of French
8th:    Cut one section of French
    Cut drama completely
  1. Cut all Educational Assistant hours, converted 7-8 library EA to SEA
  2. Cut more clerical receptionist hours – converted to teachers
  1. Health/Wellness as part of FACE curriculum in 6th grade
  1. Wellness & Healthy Living into the Science curriculum at the 7th & 8th grades
  2. Due to increase in 6th grade enrollment, added a section at 6th grade.
  1. Social worker from full-time to 50%
  2. Guidance Counselor from .50 to .20
  3. Office clerical/clerk typist from 38.45 hours a week to 10 hours a week
  4. READ 180 for all three grades
6th:    Career Exploration (incorporated into all computer classes
7th:    Academic Foundations (additional support for students with low skills in math/language arts)
    Career Exploration
    Combined section of 7th/8th grade Phy Ed
8th:    Combined 7th/8th grade Band
    .1 Art
    Career Exploration
6th:    Exploring Cultures
7th:    .5 Music
    Communication Arts
    Quarter-long Spanish
    Quarter-long drama
8th:    General Music (fewer than 15 students requested