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March 21, 2013

Commentary on Madison's Incoming Superintendent Cheatham

Pat Schneider:

But Cheatham, who served as what amounts to an area superintendent overseeing 25 schools and later as chief of instruction and curriculum for the entire 400,000-student, $5.1 billion-budget school system, not only got strong recommendations, she demonstrated intellect and ideas to Madison school officials, Passman said. The Madison School District, in comparison, has a $376 million budget and an enrollment of about 27,000.

Board member Mary Burke told me she wasn't thrilled at first to be considering a candidate from the perennially troubled Chicago Public Schools. "I feel Madison is the type of district that should be able to attract people from the best school districts," Burke said. So she used a method that had served her well in hiring situations over a career that has included executive positions in the private and public sectors: Burke and other School Board members went beyond resumes and references and contacted additional people Cheatham had worked with in the past.

"They were very consistent in terms of what they said: She's a great instructional leader, really smart and hardworking, and the schools under her made incredible progress raising students' level of achievement," Burke told me.

Like the board members, I also turned to people Cheatham had worked with in Chicago to get a glimpse of how her skills and personality will dovetail with the Madison community.

Pat Schneider refers to the Madison School District's $376,000,000 budget, yet Matthew Defour just a few days ago, put it at $394,000,000. A subsequent email from the District's Donna Williams placed the 2012-2013 budget at $392,789,303 for approximately 27,000 students, or $14,547/student about 12% more than Chicago's $12,750, according to Schneider's article.

Many notes and links on Jennifer Cheatham, here.

Posted by Jim Zellmer at March 21, 2013 2:54 AM
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