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March 14, 2012

Silveira's commitment merits another term

Amy Noble:

Challenges coming before the Madison School Board in the next two years include changing the way we educate students of color, working with a staff no longer represented by a contract and approving a budget.

As a taxpayer, a parent and a Madison School District employee, I need a School Board member I can really trust to listen, think and then listen some more during these challenging times. I can trust Arlene Silveira.

I first encountered her in 2004 when she ran a meeting about proposed redistricting to relieve crowding at some of our elementary schools. Silveira was PTO president for Leopold Elementary at that time.

She has made a life commitment to learn about the work of educating children and make quality education happen in Madison. She has courage and a just and kind heart.

She will fight for public education with her actions, not just her words. How many School Board members did you see at the recall training? Arlene was at the one I attended.

I appreciate the hard choice she made when she decided to stick it out and run again. I have complete trust and confidence in her. I celebrate her courage to run again and I will stay with her. Vote for Silveira on April 3.

Seat 1 Candidates:

Nichele Nichols

Arlene Silveira (incumbent)

Seat 2 Candidates:

Mary Burke

Michael Flores

new Arlene Silveira & Michael Flores Madison Teachers, Inc. Candidate Q & A

Posted by Jim Zellmer at March 14, 2012 1:07 AM
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