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May 15, 2008

Foundation for Madison Public Schools Celebrates Carol Carstensen's School Board Tenure

Samara Kalk Derby:

More than 100 friends, colleagues, family members and parents showed up at a farewell party Wednesday at Olbrich Gardens to say goodbye and thank you to Carol Carstensen, who served six terms on the Madison School Board and stepped down after the spring elections.

"There will never be another Carol Carstensen. I will predict that," said School Board member Johnny Winston Jr. "There will never be another School Board member in this community that will serve 18 years. I miss her already."

Winston called it a wonderful experience to work with Carstensen.

"She really not only knew the material and had a grasp of the issues going on, but she also had her pulse on the community as well," he said.

Former board member Nan Brien, who served with Carstensen in the early 1990s, said that for 18 years Carstensen was the spokesperson on the board for all the kids in the district.

"She was particularly adamant that all kids, no matter their background, have an opportunity for the best education. That is the heart and soul of who Carol Carstensen is," Brien said.

Carol reflects on her tenure, including three accomplishments she takes personal pride in: Wright Middle School, renaming 5 middle schools to reflect the diversity of our community and establishment of the Joe Thomas award.

Much more on Carol Carstensen here. Watch a brief video interview with Carol during her most recent campaign.

More on the Foundation for Madison Public Schools here. John Taylor's 2003 challenge grants energized the formation of FMPS.

Posted by Jim Zellmer at May 15, 2008 9:09 AM
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