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September 12, 2007

Madison LaFollette High School and the District's Athletic Director Changes

from a "Madison Parent", via email:

I was checking out the MMSD situation with reguards to the Athletic Directors positions and its impact on the schools. I was real suprised to hear that Lafollette has kept on Jim Pliner as a stff member in a position as Dean of Students. It seems that as he cannot be the AD they did find a way to keep Mr. Pliner. I will first say that Jim was and is a great asset to Lafollette. He was a great influence on students in a most positive fashion, not just for athletes but all the student body. BUT.....Lafollette already has one Dean of students. This replaces a Assit. Principal that was eliminated due to enrollment decline and the budget.Now we take and add a dean of students and they assume some of those duties to help the administration cope. What they do not tell parents is the position takes away from a teaching position.So now we have two deans and that means two Faculty positions are gone. Lafollette has created "skinny" classes in some electives so they can still be offered to students but even these are not enough to keep classes avail to most. What was cut from the schedule this year and prior years to keep the "Deans".And with cuts coming up again, what gets cut again. A look will reveal its not the "prep" courses but a lot of Tech and other electives that the "blue collar" community of Lafollette could use. enough from me..Could someone show mw Im wrong?

Posted by Jim Zellmer at September 12, 2007 12:00 AM
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