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December 2, 2006

Video of 29-Nov-2006 MUAE Meeting with Supt. Rainwater

The Madison United for Academic Excellence (MUAE) meeting of 29-November-2006 offered a question and answer session with Madison Superintendent Art Rainwater. After opening remarks by Jeff Henriques, the Superintendent summarized his goals, rationale and approach to the high school redesign project, and discussed his prior experience as a teacher and principal.

The video QT Video of the meeting is 183MB, and 1 hours and 30 minutes long. Click on the image at left to watch the video. The video contains chapter headings which allow quick navigation to sections of the meeting. The video will play immediately, while the file continues to download.

The topics covered during remarks and the question and answer session are

  • Assessment, differentiation, grouping, school redesign
    • Differentiation training in elementary school
    • Investment in training, coaching, Teaching and Learning
  • What to do when teacher refuses to differentiate.
  • Evaluating Teachers
  • Student assessment and WKCE
  • Maintaining quality control and teacher skills
  • Lighthouse schools
  • Differentiation in Math
  • Limits of flexible grouping
  • View of NCLB
  • Math curriculum and its evaluation
  • Evaluating differentiation
  • Assessing high achieving students
  • NCLB and the growth model
  • West English 9 and 10
  • Using WKCE to inform instruction
Posted by Larry Winkler at December 2, 2006 2:46 PM
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