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September 25, 2006

Pro-referendum leader doesn't care about parents of TAG students

From the list serve of the pro-referendum group, Communities and Schools Together (CAST):

We have at least three people willing to translate into Spanish (anyone for Hmong?). I think that the "newsletter blurb" and the FAQ are musts. Do we want anything else? I'll get these started with the volunteers on Wednesday or Thursday.

At the Wright PSO meeting one of the things that really got me was a father who talked at length about "so little money for the children." I thought about how many of these families have made such great sacrifices for their children's futures, leaving their homes, coming to strange country, struggling with language... that to them it is a no brainer to spend a bit more for the schools. We hear about "Bright Flight," but when it comes down to it I care a lot more about giving these immigrants what they came for than I do about catering to those who threaten to move out or go to private schools. I think I share their values more and know I want what they have to offer for our shared future.

Sorry for getting on the soapbox, but it was very moving to hear how simple the referendum question appeared to them. Like anyone else they wanted the figures and the details, but when they heard them there was no question where they stood. Hell, it seems simple to me too. (emphasis added)

It's a sad comment from a leader of a group which supposedly advocates for quality education for all kids. (No one on the CAST listserve called him on his statement. Does his thinking represent all of the leadership?)

I won't invade the writer's privacy by revealing his name; however, if he has any courage in his convictions, he'll post his thinking behind his comment.

I'm voting NO on the referendum.

Posted by Ed Blume at September 25, 2006 12:43 PM
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