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May 9, 2006

How much is this going to cost? Is it worth it?

Page 98 of the undated 2006 budget document includes the following:

Library Media Services Division initiatives contemplated for the upcoming 2006-07 school year include (a) the consolidation of the elementary and middle school Technology and Information Literacy curricula, (b) the expansion of Accent database services to bookrooms and high school textbook collections, (c) the transition from a magnetic tape-based video distribution system to a datacast and optical disc-based distribution system and (d) further expansion of district-wide online subscriptions.

The document leaves to the reader's imagination what the initiatives might cost or whether they're worth the cost, because it offers no rationale or estimated expenditure that I can find.

Further, the document gives the board and public no information with which to compare the value of these initiatives to other ways the money might be spent. Yet, those are exactly the choices the board and community ought to be able to make through budgeting.

Posted by Ed Blume at May 9, 2006 7:05 PM
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