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December 3, 2005

Excellent data from MMSD on Read 180

Who would believe that I’d call any MMSD data excellent?

It’s true!

But first, the critical point: I respectfully urge the board of education to approve funding in the next budget to expand Read 180 to West as part of West’s English 9 and English 10. Read 180 would help those students who cannot read well enough to succeed in those courses, as well as all other West courses.

Now the background.

After I asked and asked for data on the costs of various programs, the MMSD finally posted (without any fanfare) useful figures on the cost of Read 180, a successful program used in Wisconsin and across the nation to teach reading to adolescents.

The MMSD praised Read 180, but the superintendent said the district had no funds to expand the program.

Now we see that the computer-based Read 180 curriculum costs about $40,000 per school for hardware and software, according to the MMSD figures.

Read 180 could address the lack of any current proposal for instruction for poor readers in English 9 and 10.

With real numbers about costs, the board of education can now decide whether it’s willing to find $40,000 in the next budget to round out West’s English curriculum. Once low-skilled readers can actually read at grade level, core English might begin to make sense. But not until all the students can read at grade level.

Posted by Ed Blume at December 3, 2005 11:51 AM
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