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November 7, 2005

$293,000 Unspent in Library Aids; Mystery #2 Deepens

In our unrelently effort to unravel the mysteries of the MMSD budget, our loyal fans may remember the Case of the Disappearing Library Aids - Budget Mystery #2.

It all began with an innocuous inquiry from a schoolmarm and inquisitive assistant who claimed that their library did not receive library aids for the last school year.

After more than a month of pointed proding, Assistant Superintendent Roger Price responded with a most mystifying missive which includes the alarming admission that the MMSD did not expend $293,055 in library aids received from the DPI last year!

While Mr. Price's e-mail expounds on the expectations for satisfying last year's lingering obligation, he confesses that the plans do not satisfy this year's obligation. I take his candid comment to concede that the MMSD will collect $675,004 in library aids for this school year (by his own account) without a contingency for spending it all!

What a curious calamity! The povery-pleading MMSD doesn't have a plan to spend all of the cash in its flow! Should the case be renamed Fumbling Fudiciaries?

(If any of our intrepid investigators have another interpretation or corrections to my canny conjecture, please post promptly.)

Posted by Ed Blume at November 7, 2005 9:23 AM
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