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October 18, 2005

Get Involved at West NOW

I said it in the comments section attached to Marcia's original post. Now is the time for pre-high school families to get involved at West. Don't wait.

This will be like turning around the Titanic, however--there is a great deal of momentum to disassemble much of what was strong about West for high achievers. And what the district seems to be ignoring is that many of these families make up the backbone of support for the school, from PTO, to athletic and drama boosters, etc, both in terms of hands-on involvement and financial contributions.

The safety valve of attending UW classes is also being shut off, too. If a course is offered ANYWHERE in the district, MMSD won't pay for a West student to take it at UW. In addition, there is a "residency" requirement, i.e., to be considered a full-time student, a certain number of credit hours have to be taken at West or be approved to be taken elsewhere. So even if your family can afford to pay for UW courses and can get approval from UW for your student to take more than one class per semester, your student might still run afoul of the residency requirement.

Of course, home schooling is an option. Some families have quilted together classes at West, UW and home or on-line. One of the "West" national merit scholars this year has done just that.

Posted by at October 18, 2005 9:05 AM
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