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September 20, 2005

Members of the East Task Force

At large representatives representing an ethnic group who reside within the attendance areas:
James Howard
Ramona Natora

Community member without children in the district:

Pat Mooney

One East High School student:
Rebecca Berkenstadt

School & Representative
Emerson - Linda Galang - Michelle Rawlings (Alternate)
Gompers - Amy Riedemann
Lake View
Lapham - Mike Wygocki - Chris Oddo (Alt.)
Lindbergh - Tonja Prodehl
Lowell - Maria Doyle
Marquette - Laura Chastain - Kimberly Neuschel (Alt.)
Mendota - Michelle Brokaw - Mike McCabe (Alt.)
Sandburg - Lisa Kind
Black Hawk - Jill Jokela
O’Keeffe - David Wallner - Josh Day (Alt.)
Sherman - Vicky Nelson - Angela Nash (Alt.)
East - Brenda Robinson
Shabazz - Kim and Richard Karlin-Kamin

Invited Observers:
Neighborhood Association Representatives
Board of Education Members
East Attendance Area Principals
East Attendance Area parent/family/teacher organization Presidents

Central Office Representative and Chair:
Loren Rathert

Principals from outside the attendance areas:

Nancy Yoder (Stephens)
Karen Seno (Cherokee)
Ed Holmes (West)

Research and Evaluation
Kurt Kiefer

Staff to the Task Force:
Rita Applebaum

Posted by Ed Blume at September 20, 2005 10:16 AM
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