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June 7, 2005

Madison Schools Health Care Cost/Benefit Analysis

Following are remarks and attachments distributed to the MMSD Board of Education electronically and hard copy on Monday, June 6, 2005, by KJ Jakobson, who is a researcher working with Active Citizens for Education in matters related to health care benefits for school district employees.  Discussion and questions may be directed to KJ Jakobson directly and/or to Don Severson.:

Dear School Board,

In light of the referenda failures its time for the district to drive a hard bargain with the union concerning its intransigence with respect to health insurance carriers.

My research indicates there is a win/win solution for teachers, the district and students but WPS has a lot to lose (~8% of its group health business) and won't give up easily. It is unclear whether, at this point in time, John Matthews is serving the teachers or serving WPS.  In any case,  I am certain WPS will not give up its favored and special access position at the bargaining table without a big fight. However it is time to face that battle head-on on behalf of teachers, students, taxpayers and most of all the children who are adversely affected when staffing is reduced and programs are cut.

I have attached the following documents:

which hopefully will be of assistance to you in driving a hard bargain on the subject of health care costs.

I have also verbally given a more lengthy analysis to both Carol Carstensen and Ruth Robarts.

KJ Jakobson
PO Box 14751
Madison, WI 53708-0751

Thank you,
Don Severson
Active Citizens for Education
(608) 238 8300
donleader at aol dot com

Posted by Don Severson at June 7, 2005 12:34 PM
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