Questions for clarification and information requested concerning the data and proposed options (including referendum) for the district’s financial situation presented by the Superintendent to the Board of Education August 18, 2008.

  1. What is the base criteria and growth rate for property valuations for the next three years; and, how do these projections compare with actual totals of the past three years?

  2. What is the relationship of the monies from the 2005 Maintenance Referendum to the Capital Expansion Fund (41)?

  3. What are the long-term implications and consequences of the use of the Capital Expansion Fund regarding state aids (specially negative, tertiary aids); and, regarding the revenue cap and property tax rate?

  4. How is the negative aid impact figured into the “Tax Levy Analysis” scenarios for percentage of change and mil rates? What is the percentage rate of negative aids for MMSD?

  5. What are the gross breakout dollars in the budgets for each of the last three years and projected for each of the next three years for a) property tax revenues under the cap? b) state aids (i. General? ii. Categorical?) c) all other?

  6. What specific educational and business programs, services, practices and policies are slated for immediate steps in cost analyses and evaluations for effectiveness and results?

  7. What percent of the projected property tax revenue is the proposed referendum amounts for the each of the next three years?

  8. What percentage projections were made for each of the next three years related to QEO negotiated settlements with a) teacher’s union? b) other unions combined? C) administrators?

  9. How is the projected $2.2 million equity fund balance in Fund 80 to be achieved? Will MSCR programs be cost neutral?

  10. How does the taxpayer portion of the property tax bill become lower than the current level if a

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