Madison Wisconsin High School Graduation Rates, College Readiness, and Student Learning

Laurie Frost and Jeff Henriques 2MB PDF full presentation to the Simpson Street Free Press: Individual slides (tap for larger versions): More here. Related: The Madison School District’s “Strategic Framework”. 2006: “They’re all Rich White Kids, and they’ll do just fine, NOT!” 2013: Madison’s long term, disastrous reading results. Madison spends far more than most […]

Seeing the Forest: Unpacking the Relationship Between Madison School District (WI) Graduation Rates and Student Achievement

Laurie Frost and Jeff Henriques [PDF]: Dear Simpson Street Free Press: Thank you for leading the way in looking more closely at recent reports of an increase in MMSD minority student graduation rates and related issues: Inspired by your excellent work, we decided to dig deeper. We call the result of our efforts […]

Commentary on Redistributed Taxpayer Funds and the Madison School District (no mention of total spending or effectiveness)

Former Madison School Board Member Ed Hughes: It turns out that this isn’t true. Explaining why gets a bit complicated, but here goes. Mr. Hughes voted against the proposed Madison Preparatory IB Charter School. Madison has long tolerated disastrous reading results, despite spending far more than most taxpayer supported K-12 school districts. Madison Wisconsin High […]

2019 Madison Mayoral Election: Ongoing Disastrous K-12 Reading Result Indifference?

Dean Mosiman: The candidates are focusing on racial and economic inequities and the need for more low-cost housing despite a Soglin initiative supported by the City Council that’s delivered 1,000 lower-cost units. And they are talking about education, health care, transportation, public safety and climate change, especially in the wake of severe flooding that punished […]

Reading by fourth grade vital to success

Laurie Frost and Jeff Henriques: Thank you for your excellent article on the increase in juvenile crime in our city. May we suggest a followup story? It is well known that students who are not reading proficiently by fourth grade — when “learning to read” becomes “reading to learn” — do not fare well. For […]

Yes, they graduated, but can they read?

Laurie Frost and Jeff Henriques: Our analyses revealed that over the course of nine years of instruction, the percentage of minority students in the class of 2017 who were proficient in reading or math was very low and changed very little. At no point did more than 20 percent of black students or 30 percent […]