Why Weibo is focused on these elementary math schoolbooks.

Manya Koetse:

A Chinese schoolbook series that was published nearly a decade ago continues to be one of the most talked-about subjects on Chinese social media this week. The elementary schoolbook series (covering grade 1-6) went trending after some parents posted about their concerns with the books online, triggering major controversy on Weibo and beyond. The hashtag “PEP Math Teaching Material” (#人教版数学教材#) had received 570 million views on Weibo by Friday evening, the hashtag “PEP Math Textbook Illustrations Trigger Controversy” (#人教版数学教材插图引争议#) attracted over 290 million views. People mainly took issue with the teaching material because they thought the illustrations were ugly, unrefined, and overall weird (read our previous article here). But besides the quality of the design, many people also found that some illustrations were really inappropriate. There was a girl sticking out her tongue; recurring depictions of the American flag colors; an incorrect depiction of the Chinese flag; a bulge showing in the pants of the depicted boys; a girl in a bunny outfit, and more.

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