CS 61A course enrollment reaches an all-time high at 2,000 students

Leon Chen:

UC Berkeley’s introductory computer science course hit the class maximum of 2,000 enrolled students this semester, seeing an increase from the previous maximum enrollment of 1,961 during the fall 2018 semester.

As of print, 1,949 students are enrolled in CS 61A, according to BerkeleyTime. The professor of CS 61A, John DeNero, said in an email that that despite the large class size, 25 waitlisted students may still join the course.

“It’s exciting to see so many students interested in learning about computer science,” DeNero said in the email. “Teaching a very large class involves planning, technology, and help from the university.”

DeNero added that there are 57 undergraduate student instructors, or UGSIs, for the class this semester. Besides CS 61A, four other courses in the electrical engineering and computer sciences department, or EECS, have over 1,000 students. CS 61A was held in Zellerbach Hall for the first two weeks of the semester to accommodate the large class size.