Article on assistant principal’s fate blows up into controversy engulfing Oshkosh school

Devi Shastri:

Doemel contended that is when he started getting squeezed. He said the principal pulled him out of class three times to question him. Kiffmeyer asked if his source was in the school, male or female, Doemel said.

Kiffmeyer did not respond directly; she is out on medical leave.

Cartwright said she talked to Kiffmeyer. She contended Doemel was pulled from class twice — not three times. She said Doemel’s characterization of the conversations was false; he was asked if the source was a district administrator and if he would turn over his notes. Doemel refused.

Doemel told the Journal Sentinel he stands by the accuracy of the posted story and this his source has years of experience at the district. He said he continued to try to get more information, enlisting the help of fellow North Star staffer Tess Fitzhenry. Fitzhenry’s father, James Fitzhenry, suggested the students connect with the Student Press Law Center for guidance.