Professor suspended a second time allegedly for requiring respectful class conduct

Maria Lencki:

Students at the University of Texas at San Antonio are rallying behind a professor there after she was suspended a second time allegedly for demanding respectful conduct while in her classroom.

The school suspended biology professor Anita Moss last semester after she called the police on a black student resting her feet on a chair. Moss was known to demand respectful behavior from students in her classroom, including “keeping their feet off chairs, putting away their phones and not talking.”

Though many presumed the incident was racially charged, a school investigation determined race was not a factor in Moss calling the police.

Now the school has suspended Moss again. The student newspaper The Paisano reported that Moss was yanked from the classroom due to “a new concern regarding classroom management.”

Reached for comment via email, campus spokesman Joe Izbrand provided The College Fix with a statement from Vice President for Academic Affairs Kimberly Epsy: “A preliminary inquiry revealed that despite persistent and substantive intervention, there remain persistent concerns with Dr. Moss’ classroom management that warrant her relief from all instructional responsibilities at this time.”