School Choice (Madison Continues To Lack Governance Diversity)


This morning I made the call.

My five-year-old, Miles, is on the waitlist for a charter school. And according to the data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the district school he has been assigned to for kindergarten doesn’t work well for Latino little boys.

So I picked up the phone this morning and called Saint Catherine’s of Genoa school and asked if they have a spot for him next year. And they do. It will cost me about $4300 plus the cost of uniforms.

I’m a single parent. My ex-husband has stomach cancer. Maybe I start a GoFundMe page or — I can sell Lularoe and those nail sticker things on Facebook. But I’ll tell you this much: I’m not losing this kid in the system. NOT.

And, Madison has long tolerated disastrous reading results.