Denver superintendent describes what he learned abroad

Melanie Asmar:

Was there anything you saw in the Argentine system that you admired?

It made us appreciate the extraordinary resources we have here. My two daughters went to secondary school: 2,000 kids in 32 rooms. No air conditioning, no library, no gym, no computer room, no nothing. Just bare classrooms. A thousand kids went for five hours in the morning; a thousand kids went for five hours in the afternoon. I think it was very eye-opening for the kids about the level of privilege that we have here in the United States.

It was also very interesting to have my kids be second-language learners and to talk every night about their learning process … (and) talk to their teachers, talk to their school leaders.

What would you want to say to the Spanish-speaking families that DPS serves about what you learned?

Tengo muchas ganas de hablar con ustedes directamente en español. Y es un oportunidad para hablar sin interpretación, sin traducción.