Uber For Tutors

Evan Smith:

college. Coming of age during a recession culminates in a focus on financial caution, after all. Secondly, they eschew the garage for a coffee shop, because everything is done on laptops anyway, and coffee is cheaper than rent. Thirdly, they don’t move. Better to work remotely from somewhere like the Midwest, what with the cost of living in California being so high.

If that sounds less than romantic, so be it. For recent college graduates Ameya Deshmukh and Matt Deptola, this revamped formula has been working just fine.

The duo is now in the process of launching a new mobile platform called PeerUp, which aims to disrupt the current system by which college students find and receive assistance with their studies.

“I guess the easy way to describe it would be Uber for tutors,” Deshmukh told Opportunity Lives. “We saw a need for students that just wasn’t being addressed.”