Madison’s Teacher Team Toolkit

Madison School District (PDF):

Purpose Overview

“Great teaching matters most! Great teaching, when well defined and supported, benefits all students and should serve as the foundation for success” (MMSD Strategic Framework, 2013). This will serve as the focus of our teacher teamwork. Teacher teams will use data to inform their long-term and short-term planning and to monitor implementation and outcomes throughout the year. Teams will demonstrate effective data use, analysis, and instructional planning that is communicated with other school teams as needed. The Teacher Team Toolkit provides a set of guidelines and resources to support the important work of teacher teams.

The Teacher Team Toolkit begins with the MMSD Great Teaching
Framework. This is followed by information on Multi-Tiered System
of Supports (MTSS) and how teacher teams fit into MTSS. Together,
these frame MMSDs effective teaching practices and the work of
highly effective teacher teams. The toolkit is then organized into
five sections. The first section, Prepare for Success, provides
guidance on developing collaborative and effective teacher
teams. This is followed by the components of the Great Teaching
cycle. At the center is Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Practices. Around this is Plan, Teach, Reflect & Adjust. As teacher teams move through the cycle, they intentionally ask and answer: What do we want all students to know and be able to do? How will we know they have learned it? What instructional strategies will we use? and How will we respond when they haven’t learned it? or What do we do for those who already know it?

Within each of these components, the toolkit provides:

An overview of the section
The actions teacher teams take
The purpose
The tools and resources to support actions

Great Teaching Matters Framework (PDF):

Strengthening core instruction through weekly planning that focuses on the Great Teaching cycle.

Great Teaching Matters (PDF):

Research shows that the teacher is the strongest school-based predictor of student success (Cantrell, S. & Kane, T., 2013). MMSD’s Great Teaching Matters Framework communicates the district’s vision and goals for effective teaching that is responsive to the cultural and language assets of all students. This vision is grounded in a commitment to all students as we prepare them to be college, career and community ready. Culturally and linguistically responsive practices are at the center and embedded throughout Great Teaching. The plan, teach, reflect and adjust cycle represents key teacher actions that advance students learning.