Duncan questioned on move to cut funding for Teach for America

Nick Anderson:

Education Secretary Arne Duncan faced unusually sharp questioning from House Democrats Thursday over the Obama administration’s proposals to eliminate a grant for the Teach for America program and hold the line on new funding for many other education programs.
The House Budget Committee hearing on the $50.7 billion education budget proposed for the fiscal year that begins in October provided an early glimpse at congressional reaction to the Obama administration’s plan to put more emphasis on competitions for federal funding, including its signature Race to the Top initiative that will reward states and school districts whose education policies are in line with Obama’s.
For decades, education programs have been driven by formulas that spread money across the country based on population, poverty levels and other factors, as well as targeted grants to benefit specific organizations. Those formulas mean that all 535 members of Congress can point to federal funding flowing to schools in their states and districts.