Your Kids Love It. You Love It. Perfect.

Stephen Kreider, Isaac and Levi Yoder:

Time was running out, so I bought two tickets to Villahermosa, Mexico.
Three planes, a bus ride and a hike later, Levi and I are finishing this column among the Mayan pyramids of Palenque. It’s about 80 degrees out, and howler monkeys are bellowing from the surrounding jungle.
But this isn’t a column about travel. It’s about one of the loveliest fringe benefits to having kids: You can use them as an excuse to do stuff you wanted to do yourself but never would have.
Time was running out on a promise I made Levi when he was 7. He has always been keen on history, and he became fascinated with the Mayans.
“Isn’t there a pyramid where you can go inside and see the king’s grave?” he asked. “Yes, and I’ve been there!” I said. “How about you and I go there some winter break soon?”