Technology: Classroom interaction offers best experience

Alan Cane:

Tania Goldhaber, an enthusiastic and personable undergraduate studying mechanical engineering at MIT, lives the Web 2.0 life.
Her laptop is her key to the virtual world, always on, always ready to access Facebook and other social networking sites. For EMBA students at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School she has become the human face of Web 2.0.
Simon Learmount, programme director, says: “We used video to beam her into the classroom for a morning during the orientation week [the first of three separate weeks where the students are physically together]. Her presentation showed how her life is completely structured by Web 2.0. Afterwards, some of the students went off and started blogging immediately.”
These Judge EMBA students are the top brass of the business world in the UK, chief financial officers and the like with a sprinkling of chief executives among them, who, until Ms Goldhaber’s presentation, may not have understood blogging, let alone written an online diary themselves.
It is one of the first results of a risky but potentially hugely productive experiment that the school launched a few weeks ago.