Leopold Additions Included in 2006 MMSD Operating Budget


The Madison school board voted 4–3 Monday night to include additions to Leopold Elementary School in next year’s operating budget.
A final vote will come at a later meeting, but this essentially means that construction can start with our without a referendum.

Background on Leopold here. Johnny Winston, Jr., Juan Jose Lopez, Bill Keys and Shwaw Vang voted for the motion while Carol Carstensen, Lawrie Kobza and Ruth Robarts voted against it, preferring, I’m told, to consider this question with the entire 2006/2007 budget, which the board has not yet seen.
Student rep Connor Gants pointed out (he also voted for it) that the motion does not really matter as it could be changed when the 2006/2007 budget is actually approved. More on the budget, here.
Channel3000 has an update here.

One thought on “Leopold Additions Included in 2006 MMSD Operating Budget”

  1. I urge the board to reconsider their action to fund the Leopold expansion from operating funds, since it takes the equivalent of seven teachers out of MMSD classrooms for the next 10 years, if I understand the action accurately.
    I’ll actively support a referendum on Leopold expansion, i.e., I’ll support it and ask others to support it, though I opposed the referendum for a second school on the Leopold site last year.
    I cannot support the board’s recent action.
    In the past few years when an individual or group with a need came to the board, board members simply said that “We don’t have the money.” I guess that wasn’t true. They found the money for Leopold. Why fund Leopold and not other worthy needs? The answer should come in the context of the budget deliberations in the coming weeks, not now.

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