Superintendent Rainwater: It doesn’t matter what Johnny thinks

In Thursday’s Capital Times article titled “Strings program is still not safe” by Lee Sensenbrenner, the Superintendent said, “It doesn’t matter what Johnny thinks!” Mr. Winston responded strongly. “I would like to see the strings program continued somehow, some way,” Winston added. “I think the community wants that. I think that’s loud and clear.”
Mr. Rainwater, it does matter to me what Johnny thinks. I, and I’m sure others, care about what the School Board is directing the superintendent to do, and we care deeply that the Superintendent is following through on directions from the majority of the School Board. Coming back one day later, declaring the charge is impossible, is puzzling following a presentation by the administration the night before of options.

Madison’s children need someone like Johnny, and a majority of the School Board, standing up for them. Elementary strings is part of our kids’ music education curriculum and does not merit a 100% cut in the budget – especially without any curriculum review process. Creative solutions/problem solving to make this work for our children and community is welcomed. Thank you, Mr. Winston.
There is no reason why the approach to music education should not be child-centered, focusing on what children are learning. That’s what the administration did for HS athletics. They need to do the same for elementary music education – an academic course. Put children’s learning and academic achievement first.